Dec 092014

Dear Artsy Craftsy Friends,

In today’s photo tutorial, we will show you how to crochet the slip stitch. It is a very easy technique in crocheting and it is very useful when finishing a crochet project, or joining parts of a crochet project, like granny squares for a blanket, for example. We could say, it is the equivalent of sewing in the art of crocheting. The slip stitch is abbreviated SL ST in crochet patterns. Image 1 will show you that the slip stitch is used to join the beginning and the end of a small foundation chain in a small ring, in case of a crochet circle or a traditional granny square. Image 2 will show you that the slip stitch is used to join the end with the beginning of a round in case of a circle; image 3 will show you that this stitch is also used to finish a traditional granny square. The examples can continue.

Let’s get on with the instructions for the slip stitch.

For practice purposes, make a small foundation chain of 10 chains (image 4) – we might have added a few extra chains.

How to crochet the slip stitch

Image 4

Insert your crochet hook in the first chain from the hook (image 5). YO (yarn over) hook once (image 6). Pull the yarn through the chain (image 7). You will have two loops on the hook. Continue pulling the yarn through the first loop on the hook to form a first slip stitch (image 8).

Let’s make a second slip stitch, using the same steps mentioned above. * Insert your hook in the next chain of the foundation chain (image 9). YO hook once (image 10) and pull the yarn through the chain (image 11). Continue pulling the yarn to form a second slip stitch (image 12) *.

Now, all you have to do to crochet more slip stitches is to repeat the instructions between * and * . Images 13 to 16 will show you how to crochet a third slip stitch. Image 17 shows a complete row of slip stitches.

How to crochet the slip stitch

Image 17


You have just learned how to make the crochet slip stitch.

As usual, if you prefer video tutorials, you can watch the one bellow.

The second one added will show you how to slip stitch to finish the last row of the Tunisian stitch.

Happy slip stitching,

The Coolorburbians.

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