Dec 152014

Dear Artsy Craftsy Friends,

Today’s written instructions will show you how to crochet the Moss Stitch. It is a fancy stitch that looks complicated, making you wonder: “How do you do this?” In reality, it is a very simple stitch and to make it, you will only need to know how to slip stitch and how to make half double crochet stitches. In combination, the two stitches will look like a bobble where the yarn will lay across the bobble on the diagonal.

Let’s get going.


ch – chain

sl st – slip stitch;

hdc – half double crochet;

Level: beginner – intermediate.


The moss stitch will look more emphasized, when using a bulkier and junkier yarn and a bigger sized crochet hook (7mm and above).
When finishing a project using the moss stitch, the last row should end with single crochet stitches in order to look even with the beginning of the crochet project.

Make a loose chain from a multiple of 2, plus 1 extra chain to complete the pattern.

Row 1: work 1 sl st in the next ch from the hook; * 1hdc in next ch from the foundation ch; 1 sl st in next ch * ; repeat from * to * ; ch1 to turn.

Row 2: work 1hdc in 1st sl st; * 1 sl st in next 1hdc; 1hdc in next 1 sl st * ; repeat from * to * ; ch1 to turn.

Row 3: work 1 sl st in 1st 1hdc form previous row; * 1hdc in next 1 sl st; 1 sl st in next 1hdc * ; repeat from * to * ; CH1 to turn.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 to compete the pattern.

Isn’t this very easy? Don’t be confused by the formula “1SLST…1HDC…”. The secret of this stitch is to alternate the two techniques on each row. What I mean is, you will need to work a slip stitch on top of the half double crochet stitch, and a half double crochet stitch on top of a slip stitch from the previous row.

I hope these written instructions will help you learn the moss stitch.

As usual, if you prefer a video tutorial instead, you can watch the one below that will show you how to crochet the moss stitch. However, the video does not tell you to make a foundation chain from multiples of 2 + 1, which is something I added in the written instructions to make the edges look more even.

The Moss Stitch – part 1:

The Moss Stitch – part 2:

The third video will show you a completed blanket I made two years ago using the moss stitch, ten skeins of bulky yarn in shades of white and and light green and a 9mm crochet hook.

Crocheted blanket using the moss stitch:

Happy mossing,
The Coolorburbians.

  13 Responses to “How to crochet the Moss Stitch”

  1. It’s a great video.Thanks very much

  2. Thank you for written directions! I am not an auditory learner and to see the directions. Thank you again!

  3. can you tell me what kind of yarn you used

    • Unfortunately, I don’t remember. It’s been some time. You can choose whatever type of yarn you want, but I recommend chunky yarn. It’s easier when learning a new stitch.

  4. Want to print this pattern but don’t see the print sign.

    • We don’t have a print button. You can copy and paste it into a word document and then print it. Thank you for the suggestion.

  5. Hi,
    I’m learning crochet for the first time. I saw your video and it was so easy.
    Thanks for it.

  6. What kind of edge would you do for a blanket with this stitch? Or no edge is needed? I just wondering if it would stretch.

    • Hi. I do not recommend using an edge for this stitch. I used it to make a blanket in two colors and did not use an edge at all. It turned out fantastic, as long as you respect the instructions. Otherwise, if you prefer using one I recommend you the moss stitch itself. Keep up the good work.

  7. Great instructions on the Moss Stitch. Thanks for taking the time to share!

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