Nov 212014

Dear Artsy Craftsy friends,

Have you ever looked at a lacey poncho or a lacey shawl and wondered “What stitch is used for this pattern?” It’s none other than the good old lace and variations of this stitch. The following written instructions will explain how to crochet the basic lace.

Let’s start with the explanation.

ch – chain;
ch- – refers to chain previously made;
ch-sp – chain space;
dc – double crochet;
sc – single crochet.

Level: beginner.

Tip: The lace will look better and tighter if you use finer yarn and a smaller sized crochet hook.

How to crochet a basic lace, written instructions

How to crochet the good old lace

Make a loose chain of multiple of 4 plus 2 extra chains to complete the pattern.

Row 1: 1sc in 2nd ch from the hook; * ch5; skip next ch3 from the foundation ch; 1sc in next ch * ; repeat from * to * ; ch5 to turn.

Row 2: 1sc in first ch5sp; * ch5; 1sc in next ch5sp * ; repeat from * to * ; to finish the row: ch2; 1dc in last sc from previous row; ch1 to turn.

Row 3: 1sc in first dc from previous row; * ch5; 1sc in next ch5sp * ; repeat from * to * ; to finish the row: 1sc in last ch5sp; ch5 to turn.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 to complete the pattern.

That’s pretty much all with the basic lace stitch, so simple, yet, so fancy. I am sure many of you will want a pattern using this stitch, but, most of you already know, I, Cătălina, am currently unable to see. So, working on a pattern is a little difficult. However, I am passing the knowledge to my mom and sister and to you through this website.

As usual, if you prefer video instructions more, you can watch the one below.

Happy lacing,
The Coolorburbians.

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