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The Many and The Curious: What is coolorful.com about?

The Coolorburbians: The idea of coolorful.com came to my mind nearly two years ago. It was supposed to be a place were I could share my passion for crocheting. Slowly, but surely, more ideas and passions grew on me, so, in the end, I set my heart to make coolorful.com a place of inspiration for every little artist.

The People behind Coolorful.com

The People behind Coolorful.com

The Many and The Curious: Who are the people behind coolorful.com?

The Coolorburbians: When coolorful.com was started, it was one person, Catalina the short-haired girl in the image attached to the page. I am the person with all the ideas and dreams. My sister, Ana-Maria – the red-haired girl in the photo- is the one doing all the hard and techy work. On occasions, our mom and aunt would give us a helping hand. The small, tanned woman, who hugs Catalina dearly, is our mom. And the tall one is our aunt.

The Many and The Curious: Does any of you girls have experience in the field?

The Coolorburbians: Not the kind of experience and knowledge you get after finishing a specialized course or college in the field. However, handmade work has run in our family from generation to generation. We are four simple women with a strong passion for handmade art.

The Many and The Curious: So, what do the four of you do for a living?

The Coolorburbians: I, Catalina, am currently blind and recovering after a stroke. Ana is my babysitter and my eyes and my right hand. Mom is a farmer. And our aunt is a tailor.

The Many and The Curious: Where do you ladies come from?

Us: We live in a city called Braila, from Romania.

The Many and The Curious: How come you don’t do this for Romanian people?

The Coolorburbians: We also started a Romanian site called ArtaManuala.com, which we hope to set as a mirror image of coolorful.com in Romanian.

The Many and The Curious: To be more specific, what exactly are we going to find on this site?

The Coolorburbians: For the time being, you will find lots of photo tutorials and tips for beginner crochet stitches, advanced and fancy crochet stitches, written instructions, free patterns, crochet motifs and variations. In the future, we hope to add more arts and crafts like knitting, sewing, jewellery making, home and garden, decorating, cooking. Hopefully, we will be able to set up a community/forum where our visitors can share ideas and be friends. We really do hope to make this site a source of inspiration, cool and cheerful to brighten your day.

P.S.: If you have more questions, ask them away.

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  1. I wish I lived near you so I could join your group…I love crocheting and have been since I was a young girl of 8 or so. I am now 83. I hope to use many of your patterns. Thank you. (I have no idea what the URI is …LOL

    A Poet Who Loves To Sing and Crochet

  2. I am so happy i found this site , I’ve tried other’s din’t work you have a way of explaining and showing it that i could understand . I hope you’re felling better. If I’ll have a chance to visit home some day hope to visit you too.So far I haven’t been home in 19 years . May God bless you and your family.

  3. Lovely site!

  4. Hello Catalina
    I have taken a lot of you amazing patterns and I don’t think I have actually thanked you for sharing the beautiful crochet work you do. Today I came across your Moss stitch tutorial and of course I read all about you and your lovely family. I am so to hear you had such an unfortunate time with your health, but very glad to also learn that you are well now, I pray that you will keep well and happy.

    I have just worked with you on the amazing moss st tutorial, I have been trying for 2 days on various tutorials and just did not quite get the whole picture as nobody seemed to tell you where you should insert the hook into when doing the alternate rows so I thank you once again for being so clear

    A friend and I do a lot of crochet for charity and have been asked to do especially do blankets for various charities, The place we crochet for is called KNIT FOR NOWT they look after all sorts of people in need. I am sending this message from England but I was born and raised iin South Africa and married to an English man. It is very cold right now so we are crocheting daily which is something I really enjoy doing.

    All the very best to you and your family, I look forward to seeing you other tutorials
    With many kind regards
    Charmaine Rimmer.

    • Hi Charmaine
      I am so happy that you wrote to me. In fact, I was praying to God that someone would write to me and give me information about a place where you could crochet or knit for charity. On top of that, I honestly wanted to meet someone from Great Britain who would do just that: crochet for charity. My long life dream is to open a little yarn shop/ artist corner in England that would have similar activities. Can I keep in touch with you on facebook? By the way, the moss stitch is one of my favorite crochet techniques.But, at the moment, the granny on the straight stitch is the only stitch I can use, since I can no longer see.
      Thank you once again for writing to me.
      Be well,

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