Jun 272018
How to Crochet the Laziest Waves Stitch Throw/Afghan

Dear Artsy Craftsy Friends , How are you all doing ? Are you set to begin a new crochet project ? This time around the pattern today I will show you how to crochet an afghan/throw/lap blanket using the laziest waves stitch , which is nothing but a combination of single , half double and […]

Jan 132018
How to crochet a Crocodile Baby Blanket

Dear Artsy Craftsy Friends , I admit I grew very fond of the granny on the straight stitch that I used since I began crocheting again in March 2016 . To those of you who are reading my blog for the first time , I should repeat this bit of information about my life . […]

May 032016
Crocheting a Black & White Granny on the Straight Blanket

Dear Artsy Craftsy Friends, After nearly 2 years and a half break from crocheting, I began practicing the art once again on a beginners level. I started crocheting a blanket using the Granny on the Straight Stitch. It will be given as a gift to my bioenergy therapist, who is treating me free of charge. […]