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Dear Artsy Craftsy Friends,

I, Cătălina, came across this stitch in one of my Romanian books with crochet patterns and, at first, didn’t know how to name it. While looking closer and closer to my swatch I was making, I realized that each row started looking like an arcade. Hence the name The Arcade Stitch. There are many variations to this stitch, so, don’t get confused in case you find a pattern that uses the same name but looks a little bit different. Don’t forget, crocheting is very creative and variety is welcomed.

Now, let’s get started with the instructions.

ch – chain;
ch- – refers to chain previously made;
ch-sp – chain space;
dc – double crochet;
sc – single crochet;

Level: beginner-intermediate.

Tip: Do not worry if your stitches look messy and uneven. When practicing a new technique, the stitches will look tighter and tighter.

How to crochet the Arcade Stitch, written instructions

How to crochet the Arcade Stitch

Work a loose chain of multiple of 8, plus 2 extra chains to complete the pattern.

Row 1: 2sc in the 2nd and 3rd ch from the hook; * ch5; skip next ch-5 from foundation ch; 3sc in the next ch-3 * ; Repeat from * to *; to finish the row: ch5; skip next ch5 from foundation ch; 2sc in the last ch2; ch1 to turn.

Row 2: 1sc in the first sc from row 1; * skip next sc; 9dc in the next ch-5-sp; skip next sc; 1sc in next sc * ; repeat from * to * ; to finish the row: 1sc in the last sc from row 1; ch4 to turn (counts as 1dc+ch1 here and throughout).

Row 3: skip first 3dc; 3sc in next 3dc; * CH5; skip next [3dc, 1sc, 3dc]; 3sc in next 3dc * ; repeat from * to * ; to finish the row: ch1; 1dc in last sc from previous row; ch3 to turn.

Row 4: 4dc in first ch-1sp; * skip 1sc; 1sc in next sc; skip next sc; 9dc in next ch-5sp * ; repeat from * to * ; to finish the row: 5dc in last ch-4sp; ch1 to turn.

Row 5: 2sc in first 2dc from previous row; * ch5; skip next [3dc, 1sc, 3dc]; 3sc in next 3dc * ; repeat from * to * ; to finish the row: 2sc in last dc and beginning CH-3; CH1 to turn.

Repeat rows 2 to 5 to complete the pattern.

Congrats! You just learned how to crochet the Arcade Stitch. You can use this stitch to make all sorts of things, but, especially, cardigans. We don’t have a pattern using the stitch, yet, but are working on something at the moment.

Below, you can watch the video tutorial on how to crochet the Arcade Stitch.

Happy arcading,
The Coolorburbians.

Photo Gallery of the Arcade Stitch:

  29 Responses to “How to Crochet the Arcade Stitch”

  1. Hello …
    Can you tel me how to make this……….

    • I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I can’t tell. I am currently blind, after a stroke in 2013, and my sister is the one helping me manage the site. All the posts are a result of the knowledge I’ve gathered in time and my imagination about things I’ve already learned or seen. Since I can’t see the video, I can’t help. The other Coolorburbians are crochet beginners, and do not know to read patterns yet. I hope you’ll find your answer though. Take care.

      • I really enjoyed watching your video on the arcade stitch. I went to your site and scrolled and read some replies. You mentioned that you are blind. I think it’s wonderful that you still find it meaningful to teach others and wanted to say thank you. My husband has been blind since he was13 from a shooting accident. His eye sight is the only thing he lost, he can be a real smart ass sometimes but that’s what I love about him, he’s real and doesn’t take any crap from anyone. Hope you’re able to pursue your dreams or at least a life that bids you well. Again thank you for the tutorials.

        • Hi, Beth. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. Your comment came at a moment when I feel really down. The main reason for it is loneliness. Even as a blind person, I truly hope I will one day meet someone who will love me, even with my technical faults.Your story gives me hope. Thank you for that. As for crocheting, I’m now working on a blanket. It’s going wonderful. Take care.

  2. very very nice ..thankyou

  3. I adore this pattern thank you very much for sharing.
    How will I know when a sweater patern will be available ?

    Thanks again.

    • Thank you for your nice thoughts. Unfortunately, Catalina, the person behind all these patterns, is currently blind. It will take some time before she will be able to make new projects. Right now, we are posting all that she can remember from when she could still crochet with ease. If we manage to come up with something in the near future, we will share it on this site and on our Facebook page.

  4. I’m so sorry. So the Arcade stitch pattern will be precious to me.
    Thank you.

  5. Really enjoy this stitch can’t wait to finish my project look forward to seeing more crochet patterns

  6. Thanks for the arcade stitch pattern. Your web site is so helpful.

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  8. Thank you so much for this pattern, love it and the video is so helpful as i don`t find it easy to follow crochet patterns

  9. In description above in ROW 2 u wrote
    {1dc } after 9 dc in ch 5
    In video u shown 1 sc plz do edit if possible

  10. Thank u so much . I got a lot of information in your pin. I tried the stich it came well

  11. Thank you so much for your video tutorial. The arcade stitch is such a pretty one. I would love to make a shawl using that stitch. You’re a great teacher! Looking forward to seeing more of your videos. Thank you again!

  12. Dear Catalina,
    Thank you so much for sharing your crochet knowledge of the Arcade Stitch. It is lovely! I think I am going to get some nice lace weight yarn and make a lightweight summer scarf using this stitch.
    My family has a history of glaucoma and macular degeneration. Both my father and paternal grandmother lost their eyesight from those diseases. My father continued to be a productive member of the sales staff of the Houston Grand Opera.
    God bless you for continuing to share your talents with fellow crocheters!
    Hugs from a Texan living in Missouri!

    • Hi, thank you so much for writing to me. It is for crocheting that I feel somehow lucky, even though I can no longer see, since I continued with this work after loosing my sight. Hopes and dreams are not lost that maybe someday I will see again and will run a little yarn shop/ artist corner. Keep up the good work!

  13. How do i do this stitch in the round?

    • I apologize. I haven’t tried working this stitch in the round, but thank you for suggesting this to me. I will try experimenting the idea.

      • Hi. Thank for the reply and will await your outcome. I have an idea, but will have to try it out. Regards Jen

  14. Hello dear new friends,
    I’m teaching myself to crochet after a catastrophic spinal cord injury. And I keep telling myself that I’m ok, even though I can’t walk, but I don’t feel ok. And someone suggested crochet. She brought me a hook and some yarn. I’ve always loved to play pinball, so the “arcade stitch” caught my attention. Reading that you are overcoming a stroke makes me want to feel less sorry for myself. Thank you for sharing such personal details, and thank you for sharing this beautiful technique. I’m grateful, and sending you my energy.
    Cheers, Bish

    • Hi, Bish.
      Thank you so much for writing to me. I am the kind of person who will tell you that a simple thing like crocheting saved my life. I seriously mean it. It saved it once in 2011, when my life was going on the wrong path, and it saved once again last year, when I returned to crocheting after the stroke. So, I’m so happy that you began crocheting as well. I so sorry to hear about your health issues. There have been a thousand times over the last nearly 4 years that I pulled my hair from frustration and anger because of my blindness. But I still find this little joy and happiness in this little thing that I do. So, I do hope that this will happen to you too.
      Take care.

  15. Does anyone know how to increase this pattern? I’m making a shawl that is not rectangular and want to use this stitch.

    • Hi, From your message, I don’t understand what shape of shawl you want to crochet. Is it triangle? If yes, you can watch this video tutorial that I posted on my YouTube channel on how to crochet a triangle shaped shawl using the acrcade stitch. I should add it it was my first try out after loosing my sight, which means that the shawl didn’t turn out spectacular. It was a little too small for my taste, but if you use the principles and steps shown in the video, you can personalize your own shawl, just as you want it to be. I hope this helps. Take care.
      Here is the link:

  16. You are by far the best teacher. You are very skilled. Thank you so much. Here’s to better health.

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  18. Great stitches

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