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Dear Artsy Craftsy Friends,

Welcome to yet another “name this stitch” written instructions. We thought the pattern looks like a rhombus, so we decided to name the stitch the elongated rhombus stitch. The pattern is composed from two parts: one that looks solid and one that looks like a lace. It can be used to make shawls, tops, scarves, shrugs, summer sweaters and many others.

How to crochet a beginner elongated rhombus stitch

How to crochet a beginner elongated rhombus stitch


ch- – refers to chain previously made
ch-sp – chain space;
sc – single crochet;
dc – double crochet.

Level: beginner.

Tip: Because it tends to be a lacey stitch, we recommend that you use finer yarn and a smaller sized crochet hook (3,5-4mm).

Grab your yarn and crochet hook and let’s begin.

Work a loose chain from multiples of 4, plus 2 extra chains to complete the pattern.

Row 1: work 1sc in the 2nd ch from the hook; * work a ch5; skip ch3 from foundation ch; 1sc in next ch * ; repeat from * to * ; to finish the row: work a ch3 to turn (counts as a dc here and throughout).

Row 2: work 2dc in the first sc from previous row; * work 1sc in the next ch5sp; in the next 1sc work [2dc, 1ch, 2dc] * ; repeat from * to * ; to finish the row: work 1sc in the last ch5sp; 3dc in the last 1sc from previous row; ch1 to turn.

Row 3: work 1sc in the first dc from previous row; * work a ch5; skip next [2dc, 1sc, 2dc]; work 1sc in next ch1sp * ; repeat from * to * ; to finish the row: work 1sc in the beginning ch3; work ch3 to turn.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 to complete the pattern.

Happy crocheting,
The Coolorburbians.

P.S.: We are very interested in what you, guys, work with these new stitches. You can upload photos and share your projects with us and other crochet lovers on our Facebook wall that you can find in the right side bar.

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  1. Hi Catalina and her sister,, i cant believe it was this time last year your sister posted utube that you were very sick i was so upset and shocked for you all i prayed all day Christmas day and ever since for health and happiness for you
    Catalina you are such a inspiration to me what great spirit and faith you have to see you smiling after all the strain your body has suffered
    one day at a time i can vision you regaining some sight to be able get back to crochet gain ..
    i love your hair you look beautiful as always take care of yourselves

    im in northern Ireland i wish i had of known you before you left Ireland i would of done my best to help and support you im a big fan of you and now your sister too 🙂 thank u sooo very much

    • Thank you for your kind thoughts and support. Hopefully, one day I’ll revisit Ireland and pay you a visit. Hugs.

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