Nov 052017
How to crochet a Solid Granny Square

Dear Artsy Craftsy Friends , It has been far too long since I last posted an article or crochet instructions for different stitches or projects . But the time has come to teach you once again how to crochet the simple things , like circles , squares and other shapes , motives and appliques . […]

Nov 052016
Support Our Parents Campaign For A Sustainable Farm

Hello, Dear Friends Today’s article is about a project that my sister and I started just recently to raise funds to modernize our parents farm. We launched the campaign on Indiegogo and now we are trying to reach to as many people as we can to make our campaign more visible and attract more support. […]

Sep 262016
How to Crochet a Square around a Circle

Dear Artsy Craftsy Friends, Today, we are going to teach you how to crochet a square around a circle. There are many ways to crochet a circle. Also, there are lots of variations in the number of rounds you can crochet for a circle, for instance, a circle with two rounds, a circle with three […]

Jul 062016
How to crochet a shawl in a triangle shape

Dear Artsy Craftsy Friends, I thought I should tell you that I’ve finally managed to overcome the lethargy after the stroke. In fact, even my sister, Ana-Maria, is feeling much better. We were both struck with apathy and with this sense of futility. But for the past few months I’ve started crocheting again and my […]

Jun 182016
How to crochet the Granny on the Straight stitch

Dear Artsy Craftsy Friends, In this post we will teach you how to crochet the Granny on the Straight stitch. This stitch originates from the Traditional Granny Square. Unlike the traditional Granny square, the Granny on the Straight stitch is worked on the long or on the wide in straight rows (thus the name). It […]

Jun 112016
How to crochet the Anchored Stitch

Dear Artsy Craftsy Friends, Today’s article will show you how to crochet an Anchored Stitch. Why anchored, you might wonder? Well we thought about how to name the stitch and we noticed that the mixture of double crochet stitches in V and one other on top of them looks like an anchor. We admit that […]

Jun 092016
How to crochet a variation of the Arcade Stitch

Dear Artsy Craftsy Friends, This post will show you how to crochet a variation of the Arcade Stitch, which is one of the easiest stitches, even if it looks fancy and complicated. However, this particular variation is not for those of you who are faint at heart, because it requires a lot of attention and […]

May 032016
Crocheting a Black & White Granny on the Straight Blanket

Dear Artsy Craftsy Friends, After nearly 2 years and a half break from crocheting, I began practicing the art once again on a beginners level. I started crocheting a blanket using the Granny on the Straight Stitch. It will be given as a gift to my bioenergy therapist, who is treating me free of charge. […]

Jun 082015
How to crochet a pairing of Single and Double Crochet Stitches

Dear Artsy Craftsy Friends, It has been a long time since we last posted instructions for crochet stitches. We are going through major changes, but once in a while, we like to get our hands on crochet tools and play. Today we are posting instructions on how to crochet a pairing of single and double […]

Feb 252015
How to crochet the Spider Stitch

Dear Artsy Craftsy Friends, Welcome to yet another pattern for a fancy stitch. We know that Halloween has already passed, but even so, adding a new stitch to your crochet dictionary is always a bonus. Today’s written instructions will show you how to crochet the spider stitch. You can use it to crochet scarves, cardigans, […]