Dec 022014
How to crochet a beginner Elongated Rhombus Stitch

Dear Artsy Craftsy Friends, Welcome to yet another “name this stitch” written instructions. We thought the pattern looks like a rhombus, so we decided to name the stitch the elongated rhombus stitch. The pattern is composed from two parts: one that looks solid and one that looks like a lace. It can be used to […]

Nov 292014
How to crochet the Basic Chain, a.k.a. the Foundation Chain

Dear Artsy & Craftsy Friends, Welcome to a new photo tutorial that will show you how to crochet the basic chain, also known as the foundation chain. There are a few variations for the foundation of a crochet project, such as the single crochet foundation, the half double crochet foundation, the double crochet foundation and […]

Nov 212014
How to crochet the Good Old Lace Stitch

Dear Artsy Craftsy friends, Have you ever looked at a lacey poncho or a lacey shawl and wondered “What stitch is used for this pattern?” It’s none other than the good old lace and variations of this stitch. The following written instructions will explain how to crochet the basic lace. Let’s start with the explanation. […]

Nov 152014
How to Crochet the Arcade Stitch

Dear Artsy Craftsy Friends, I, Cătălina, came across this stitch in one of my Romanian books with crochet patterns and, at first, didn’t know how to name it. While looking closer and closer to my swatch I was making, I realized that each row started looking like an arcade. Hence the name The Arcade Stitch. […]

Nov 132014
How to make the Crochet Slipknot

Dear Artsy Craftsy Friends, You are probably one of those people who want to learn how to crochet and have no idea what to start with. Well, let me tell you that the first thing you need to know in crocheting is how to make the slipknot. “What?!” you’ll say. “But making a slipknot is […]

Nov 092014
How to crochet an opposed V stitch

Abbreviations: ch – chain; ch- – refers to chain previously made; ch-sp – chain space; dc – double crochet; beg ch – beginning chain space. Level: beginner. Tip: Before committing yourself to a larger project, learn the new stitch on a smaller swatch. Work a loose chain from multiples of 6, plus 3 extra chains […]

Feb 272014
The Old

Dear Visitors, Catalina, the founder of, would like to apologize for the inconvenience of visiting an empty site. Sadly, she got ill in November 2013 and lost her sight and hearing. While in the hospital, she couldn’t manage the site anymore, the web hosting deadline was missed and all her work was lost in […]