May 032016
Crocheting a Black & White Granny on the Straight Blanket

Dear Artsy Craftsy Friends, After nearly 2 years and a half break from crocheting, I began practicing the art once again on a beginners level. I started crocheting a blanket using the Granny on the Straight Stitch. It will be given as a gift to my bioenergy therapist, who is treating me free of charge. […]

Jun 082015
How to crochet a pairing of Single and Double Crochet Stitches

Dear Artsy Craftsy Friends, It has been a long time since we last posted instructions for crochet stitches. We are going through major changes, but once in a while, we like to get our hands on crochet tools and play. Today we are posting instructions on how to crochet a pairing of single and double […]

Feb 252015
How to crochet the Spider Stitch

Dear Artsy Craftsy Friends, Welcome to yet another pattern for a fancy stitch. We know that Halloween has already passed, but even so, adding a new stitch to your crochet dictionary is always a bonus. Today’s written instructions will show you how to crochet the spider stitch. You can use it to crochet scarves, cardigans, […]

Feb 062015
How to crochet The Tulip Stitch

Dear Artsy Craftsy Friends, We apologize for the over a month break, but, as you probably remember, one of The Coolorburbians is still recovering after a stroke (that’s me). So, my sister and I are now in Bucharest so I can get more alternative therapy. There is a noticeable progress with the therapy. In any […]

Dec 182014
How to crochet an Urban Slouchy Beanie

Dear Artsy Craftsy Friends, Winter has come and my mom was looking to make a few beanies for me and my sister and she didn’t know where to start. She used to be an avid crocheter, but since taking a break for a few years, she doesn’t remember patterns and things like that. I remembered […]

Dec 152014
How to crochet the Moss Stitch

Dear Artsy Craftsy Friends, Today’s written instructions will show you how to crochet the Moss Stitch. It is a fancy stitch that looks complicated, making you wonder: “How do you do this?” In reality, it is a very simple stitch and to make it, you will only need to know how to slip stitch and […]

Dec 092014
How to crochet The Slip Stitch

Dear Artsy Craftsy Friends, In today’s photo tutorial, we will show you how to crochet the slip stitch. It is a very easy technique in crocheting and it is very useful when finishing a crochet project, or joining parts of a crochet project, like granny squares for a blanket, for example. We could say, it […]

Dec 022014
How to crochet a beginner Elongated Rhombus Stitch

Dear Artsy Craftsy Friends, Welcome to yet another “name this stitch” written instructions. We thought the pattern looks like a rhombus, so we decided to name the stitch the elongated rhombus stitch. The pattern is composed from two parts: one that looks solid and one that looks like a lace. It can be used to […]

Nov 292014
How to crochet the Basic Chain, a.k.a. the Foundation Chain

Dear Artsy & Craftsy Friends, Welcome to a new photo tutorial that will show you how to crochet the basic chain, also known as the foundation chain. There are a few variations for the foundation of a crochet project, such as the single crochet foundation, the half double crochet foundation, the double crochet foundation and […]

Nov 212014
How to crochet the Good Old Lace Stitch

Dear Artsy Craftsy friends, Have you ever looked at a lacey poncho or a lacey shawl and wondered “What stitch is used for this pattern?” It’s none other than the good old lace and variations of this stitch. The following written instructions will explain how to crochet the basic lace. Let’s start with the explanation. […]